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Advice time for the newbie

Hey there folks,

Right, a little help here please.

At the moment I own a Scoob (not why I need help;))

The thing is, I am having to do a bit more traveling to work now so want something a bit more wallet friendly and a Williams has made the shortlist.

I have the chance of a Willy2, VGC, £3kspent on it on mechanics in recent service, has 108k miles on the clock ? That is a hinging point for me ! 108 is a bit high but what I want to know is do these things fair that high up the mileage range? Lets face it, the guy has spent ALOT of £ on it and is it the tip of the iceberg ?

the next thing is, how much would this thing be worth ? and will I save that much on the fuel bill? at the mo it costs me £40 to fill the tank and that gets me a MAX of 300 miles:eek: and more like an avg of 270miles

OH ! and how much can I mod it ? (without going too boy racerish)



that is my thoughts Craggy, other than the wheels.

I like loud and fast so a modded Willy and a bike is the way to go but I would still like all your comments

  TT 225

Buying my Willy 2 was the worst idea ever in petrol consumption.

Costs me just over 30 quid to fill the tank and that will do me 250 miles. Its crap. Ive had it in on the RR to check timing and fueling and its all fine

Apart from that tho its a wikkid car :D

kelly u disappoint me :(

personally, if u buy a performance car, u dont worry about the fuel bill. thats how i see it.

people who buy a ferrari dont worry about the petrol. if they did, theyd never drive it.

dont u love putting petrol on parents account and not paying towards it! :D:p
  TT 225

LOL - I dont worry bout the fuel bill - just pointing it out that its not very economical :devilish:

I fookin wish I could put it on my parents account I tell ya! hehehe

And you cant compare a Willy with a Ferrari ;)

why not try puttin it on ya parents account? ;)

i got my dad to buy my scorp de-cat pipe today.. told him ill give him the cash on monday... BY then hell have forgotten and its wham bam fitted, thx for the weekly pressy dad (y)
  honda accord 2.4 type s

The mileage wouldnt bother me. If its had that much spent on it, its obivously been well looked after. Plus what price can you put on a piece of history!!!

I agree whole heartedly re the dont think of running costs thing

I would have to! I drive a scoob! bought ONLY for how it drives(and sounds:D). Certainly not for build quality, not for economical running, not for cheap insurance but now is the time to get a bit (just a bit) more sensible!

Sh!t, I must be getting old !!!


Sylvia, got it fitted yesterday! but they didnt send me a de-cat pipe!!! :(

so ordered another one today, hopefully get it begining of week, and fitted free! :D


  Shiny red R32


Have you had a go at the Caption Competition?

You could win a K-Tec induction kit for your car.

yeah i can drive it

the de-cat pipe is what replaces the catalyc converter, so it releases more gas and makes it louder! = more power!!! :D

i think the normal catalyst converter needs to be about 100c to run properly.

now it will run better from cold!

if i think thats right!

MY97 UK turbo 5 door in reddish blue with a few mods

I have really enjoyed the car but it is time to move on:(

(what site do you guys use to upload pics??)



the money spent on it mate shouldnt worry you cos like someoneelse said if its had a bit of money spent on it it shows the owners looking after it. its always good to see a minter but bear in mind that they are 7-8years old so theres not goingto be many about that havent had big bills spent on it. Just have to make sure that the work was done propley, the condition of the car reflects the amount of money that it cost and go with your gut feeling mate. I get the general consensus that valvers and willys hold the mileage very well. Im not sure what price youd be looking at paying, maybe £3200 with the mileage and the prices tend to be a bit higher because of the williams logo attached.

Great for fuel economy are RTs!!probably not what youd be looking for after a scooby!



thanks for your input.

I think the guy was lookin for about £4.5 but I was going to offer £3k and see where we got to from there.

This car has sat for a few months with no interest so I have that in my favour also.

LOL @ Fred. I know ! the usual daft names for colors ! One of the best colors for the Scoob not too dissimilar to the Sonic blue rally color but with a red flip would post a pic but still cant find the link ???? I take it I cannot use Turbosport uploader ????


PG let me get this right, you get 300 miles out of £40 in a scooby?

I though these things were supposed to be about as economical as super cars. I only get 240 miles out of about £35 in my 1.4 clio!

Quote: Originally posted by PG on 02 November 2002 colors for the Scoob not too dissimilar to the Sonic blue rally color but with a red flip...
Not really got anything constructive to say, apart from thats not what the colour is called. Its called Prodrive Blue or something. It used to be the 555 cigrets blue. But when they pulled the sponsership they had to change the colour. So they invented that colour. Which is almost the same. You see they had to keep the recognisable blue, but they couldnt keep the same blue. Well thats all I have to add to the conversation. :D