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Afew questions about my RSi

  Clio RSi
Hey just doing some work on the rear brakes on my 94 rsi, basicaly the handbrake cable went and then all the brakes went. Took it to a garage who said both rear calipers had sezied and i'm looking at £400+ to fix it, so I bought some 2nd hand calipers to fit.

To cut a long story short there not seized so working backwards, basically need some info on what this is..


Its connected to the rear beam and all the brake pipes go into it? Should i be worried the spring is very very rusted??

other questions are does anyone know if this rear dampner is standard?



and if this front suspension is spax:

and why my wishbones are blue?? standard and just painted or something different?

sorry for bad pictures hope someone can help!
  Clio RSi
Danlp6 said:
the brake bias valve is what your looking at, and its a common failure.

everything else you ask about being standard or not, is standard.

thought the rear dampener was standard but the cars deffo been lowered had an RSi before and it isnt that low, was just wondering what the front is.

thanks for that will do a search for the brake bias valve, Thanks!
  Clio RSi
yeah i might need to kno this - or might be finding this out tomorro!!

are those self bleed brake kits any good? might have to buy one of those tomorro