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Aftermarket Rear Bumper For 1.8 16v

Had ordered a Terminator rear bumper but they sent the wrong item and cannot get anymore until the new year!!!

But My car is booked in for its respray in 3 weeks!!

Any reccomendations? What does the Clio Maxi rear bumper look like?

The madder the better!!

Cheers Marcus


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if you fone them up and say its for a clio mrk 1 they will tell u price but if u look in max power for there advert all the delta 1 front and rear bumpers are the same styling the just molded to fit different cars my front bumper will be here in a few days so ill take a pic then.

if u have a max power from this month i can tell u what page its on.


Its OK panic over!! I have got hold of a bumper for it supposedly the first finished good! And will match up with the skirts and front bumper I have bought, maybe a blessing in disguise noy having the Terminator one!!

Cheers Marcus