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air bag fault light active

  Renault Cilo
Hi All, I recently bought my nieces 2000 Renault Cilo which already had the airbag fault light on. I used a diagnostic scanner and it said - DOO3 - Drivers front air bag circuit, CC.0 = Leak to earth Active. This female has no idea what this is or if it is fixable. I am hearing impaired so I have a hard time communicating with the hearing, and would like some advice please. Thanks in Advace


ClioSport Club Member
  A Yellow One
Hi and welcome to the club!

Erase the codes and then try giving the connections under the seat a wiggle. It’s sometimes a dodgy connection.
  Renault Cilo
Hi, Thank you for your kind welcome. I'll give it another go tomorrow, and let you know what happened. Thanks