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  Burgandy 174 sport t
one of the apprentices in work told me his mate hit a pot hole in the road the other night and it set off the drivers side airbag (in the seat).

They checked the car and there is no damage anywhere on the car bar the obvious airbag, surely thats a bit dangerous?

Also the car is out of warranty are renault liable?
not really, it did its job and anticipated a collisionhence pre-emptive strike by inflating the bag, is the car lowered?
They can be set off easily BMW's suffered a load blowing out for a bit.
Nothing much you can do try claim on insurance.
If its a Clio and you want to do it properly then get a new seat back and airbag also airbag computer fitted from Renault. Some other manurfacture can just rest the airbag computer not Renault Clios though.
  Burgandy 174 sport t
so he has to buy a new computer too, jeasus!!

the car was checked today and there is no damage whatsoever Renault couldnt tell him why it had gone off just told him what faults were now listed.
  BMW 330D
you do not have to buy a new airbag computer now!.
I know this because i had mine reset, sent it to germany, got rid of the crash codes(i crashed! lol) and cleared all the faults off it good as new now!.i will try and find the details of where it was sent total cost was £100. new airbag ecu and coding from renault is in total £300 so its alot cheaper!
new airbag / new seat cover / new airbag comp / new seat belt pre-tensioner .... £££

A new airbag comp starts from £83 + vat and goes up to £240 + vat depending on model