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  Mini Cooper S JCW

i have seen a very nice clio in autotrader, but it has a drivers airbag.....and thats the only thing holding me back.

is there any way in getting ride of the airbag easily? and will it void the insurance as i have heard things about them.

Cheers Marc
  Mini Cooper S JCW

PS i have seen some with airbags, and some without, did they only start having them after 95 or something??!
  Mini Cooper S JCW

because i wanna put a new steering wheel on, like them momo 1s.......iv heard that if u take your wheel off which has an airbag it will cause some problems with your insurance??!


if you do decide to take an airbag off, BE CAREFUL, I have heard bad stories about the explosive charge going off etc.. dunno how true they were, but was enough to put me off the idea on my old 1.2 16v
  Mini Cooper S JCW

so is it just random valvers that have the airbag on, or woz it only say in the late models, 95+ that they are on?????
  Abarth Grande Punto

Personally if that little bag in my steering wheel is going to be the difference between me walking away from an accident or not then... Why get rid of it!! Some mods are worth it and look the nuts but does that wheel really look that bad! Im sure most will agree ;)