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Hi all, well 1 week after collecting cup, still chuffed:)

So far only thing i would change is s.wheel.Spoke to dealer said cant be done? Linked to seatbelt pretensioners? Has anybody got around this? Dont mind travelling and paying to have this done.I have enquired about momo wheel boss but will anybody remove airbag? Only problem so far, alarm playing up?:(
  2012 WRX Waggon

hi mick,

the alarm on my 172 is abit suspect to.

i disarmed it yesterday and when I opened the door, got a constant high pitch tone, with the alarm LED on constant, when I hit the button again it went OK?

Also one of my keyfobs is dodgy, some times it works, others it wont (think its the button):confused:
  Toureg vW Transporte

on my 16valve renault wont take off the airbag at all.went to my local mechanic who has a ford ka with a fiat uno turbo engine in and nitrous .and he charged me a tenner to put my momo race on

Hi Dafyd, where in wales ? Iam in Newport...whos your local mechanic?

My alarm has a mind of its own! Sometimes ok, false alarms, goes off on unlocking for no reason. Have tried locking the car manually but no way of locking hatch manually unless im missing something?