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Airbox 172

  clio sport 172
The 2 air feeds from ph1 airbox are in very bad condition, so i took them off.
Can i have the airbox without them?
  Ph 1 172
yeah no problems at all i have left mine off for ages gets a bit of extreanoise and hot air dragged in is minimal in that part fo the bay
  clio sport 172
ok, thanks! but for example when you wash the car/hood with the miniwash is there a posibillity that water could get to those two holes?
  Maybe a 172 Cup..
Don't worry about washing car mate, how do you thin people with open cone filters go on???
  clio sport 172
Tested it today (without the 2 air pipes) and...i don't know it don't think there is any difference, maybe a little more noise.
I'm concerned that the box (without the pipes) is going to suck some hot air (esp. in summer) or will it not?
  monaco 172
Just leave it mate, where the box is aiming is the coolest part of the engine bay anyway. That's why nobody who runs the JMS setup has a cold air feed
when you're so worried , get some 73 mm CAF off of Ebay or the like and point them towards the headlight. My experience is, after 10+ trials/experiments with c.a.f. setups, that this works out best on the F4R engine.

Foglight/bumper/forced air induct etc. do not work better, even worse and the filter element gets dirty VERY quickly this way also
  clio sport 172
ok, will get the CAF, now what would be the excact diameter (franx said 73 mm) and most important WHAT LENGHT should these CAFs be?