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Alarm and Immobiliser certificate

  Clio Trophy
I have taken out insurance with Tesco who now want proof that my car is fitted with an alarm and immobiliser. I said that i do not have one as when i bought the car it did not come with one and is the original one fitted in 1994.

They have said that it is possible to obtain a certificate from a garage as proof that these are fitted. I am just wondering does anyone know where i can get these from?

Any help is much appreciated.
  audi a6 3.0tdi
take it to any of the big garages and they should be able to do it for you. i'd go to quick fit as they have an insurance company as well who tesco deal with
Having proof of the alarm & immob is one thing, if it's from 1994 it is unlikey to be a cat 2 or cat 1 status. Therefore in their eyes worthless.

When I had my valver (also a 1994 car) with the stanrdard alarm etc, no one would touch it unless it had a cat 2 immob minimum on it, I shelled out a few hunderd and got a cat 1 alarm, viola a better alarm etc & one nice certificate.