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alarm locking V’s renault locking

  Scooby STi, FiestaST

ok when i got my alarm fitted i had the locking of the car moved over to the alarm fob.

Trouble is, when i put the fob in my pocket and walk away, I tend to come back to an unlocked car, which in turn has led to me leaving the fob hanging out of my pocket.

Before i go back and get it changed over to the renault fob for locking i was wondering if it was an easy job to switch it back or not myself....

Also the renault door loking button doesnt work now obviously, so am in fear of getting dragged out and bummed by some jackers.... :oops:

its a clifford 950, im happy with the alarm just not the fob which is stupid as the buttons stick out alot.... bad design, at least i could come back to a locked car even if the alarm switched off.
  Clio 172mk2

sure u could set the alarm up so if u dont open the door it will re lock in xx amount of seconds.

or if the alarms programable have it so u have to press a shift button first
  Clio 172mk2

i know the very first clifford alarmed car i was in was on a nova alarm fitted around 2000, n that used to do it once ignition was turned off and the drivers door was opened and shut.

used to be locked in me cousins car in petrol station