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Alarm Starter Motor Help...


Im having some problems with my 95M Clio 16v. I have a Clifford Concept 300 alarm fitted and when I tried to disable it yesterday it started making some very starnge screeching noises.

After phoning the alarm guys they seem to think it may be that my starter motor is dodgy/broken. They came to this conclusion as when I finally managed to disarm the alarm and tried to fire it up it made a quiet repetative clicking sound, coming from beside the key.

The alarm guys seem to think that a faulty starter motor would cause the alarm to malfunction, as they are in the same elctrical loop??

Another thing that I have noticed recently (unrealted?) is that the rear windscreen wiper switch is intamitant, making me think that there are some loose connection somewhere?

As youve probably guessed I dont know a lot about the electrics behind these things, and would appreciate some comments! eg. does the fault starter motor scenario sound feasable?