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  Silver 182 F/F

Does anyone know what brand alarm Reno fit to 182s is it one of their own or aftermarket one.Would look at mine but its in for repairs at moment.
  182 w/busted splitter :-(

Hi mate,

According to the documentation I have with my 182 (manufactured early 05) the model is a "Renault Premier Alarm 8268/B"

If you need this for insurance, I just quoted this model to my insurer (Direct Line) and they knew what it was?

  Silver 182 F/F

Yeah ive got that document but i wondered if they where same has a aftermarket alarm,its just that i want to know about adding a tilt sensor.Thanks,and Reno arent that clued up.
  LY V6 with Recaros

I was thinking of adding the tilt sensor too, how much would that cost? On my boyfriends Megane, he had a Cobra alarm, but the windows closed automatically when arming the car, can this be added too?
  Silver 182 F/F

My local ICE dealer said he could probably add a tilt sensor when he saw the alarm to see what make it was,but becasue i dont have the car at the moment we would have to wait untill he could look at it to see if one could be added,but doing a internet search they do do a add on tilt sensor and some other bits for Cobras alarms.