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Alien Green Clio 200 in Stoke.....who?

  Black 182 + Recaros
Does anyone know the owner of the Alien Green Clio 200 in Stoke or Stone.

I believe they bought the car from Madeley Heath motors.

  Black 182 + Recaros
I have just ordered a new one from Madeley. So there will be another one flying around Stoke soon. Picking it up next week.
  LY V6 & Fiesta ST
The only one i know thats sold one is holdcroft, looked at buying it at the time i got the vee. Madeley did sell a gw one though
  Clio 200
Yeah its Holdcrofts alright, tried to flog it to me! How much did you pay Matty, if you dont mind me asking?