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alien green

  1. Tomleech

    AG 200 Cup - value??

    I’ve been approached by someone who wants to buy my car. It’s a 2009 Alien Green Cup with 77k and FSH. It’s immaculate… got Recaros, loads of work done recently and some nice upgrades are fitted… Akrapovič exhaust, Bilstein suspension, Ktec induction and remap, Michelin Cup 2’s, retrimmed...
  2. Lou

    Alien Green 200 M8 Eastbound

    Spotted SW10 *** heading Eastbound on the M8 this morning around 7:45am, it was just after the airport turn off.
  3. Stay Puft

    Blue V6 and Alien Green 200 Fareham

    Saw the AG 200 by Palmerston Drive and the V6 along Gosport Road about 7.45, cool cars!
  4. C

    Phase 1 Clio mk3 in alien green or nymphea?

    Hello, I'm brand new here but I've been in love with the Clio mark 2 phase 1 for years. However, the Clio 3 really grew on me and I decided to get that instead as it is newer. I got a phase 1 model in navy blue but I remember one colour I liked very much on the Clio mk 2 ph1. It was called Bleu...
  5. jesus

    Alien Green 200 - Trafford Centre Now (pic)

    We're in the racecar behind you ;)
  6. dann2707

    Alien Green 197 A63 Leeds

    You were behind me for a bit coming into leeds off the M62 J45. Had a little play coming off the roundabouts, car looks gorgeous.
  7. Cropper

    Lonely Alien Green

    Freshly cleaned and all alone at work! People don't seem to park near me which is a good thing. Still have yet to see another one AG on the roads 😧
  8. Deany

    Alien Green 200

    Been off the forum after popping two engines in my 172 Cup back in 2013, driving an awful Saxo VTR for a while then moved onto the land of the rising sun into the world of classic impreza ownership which is coming to an end on wednesday when I got pick my new baby up. Check it y0.
  9. cpaterson76


    TRACK TROPHY 381 – PROGRESS TO DATE Hi all, I have been mulling over doing a build thread from when I bought the Clio over a year ago, so I have finally decided to bore you with the car’s progress to date. A quick photo below of it sitting ready to go for its 2015 track outings before I run...
  10. Welsh.Dan

    Alien green spotted for sale, Kent

    Might be of interest to someone if their on the hunt for one of these, drove past it on way home from work. Looks lovely with CL10 GRN number plate too. [emoji5] Haven't stopped to take a...
  11. roystinho

    Alien Green 200 and RB 197 (poss R27) Leeds

    Near the Airport at Murgatroyds. Don't know if you were going to a meet or something as the RB turned to the tunnels where the AG was heading. Both looked great
  12. MGF91

    Alien Green 200 Interior Lights

    I have recently bought an Alien Green Clio 200 and all of the interior lights (except for the dash) are also green. I've noticed the front interior lights are flickering when they're on so not sure if they're going to need changing soon. Is this the standard interior light colour for AG...
  13. D

    Alien Green 200 Spotted - A15 Heading into Bourne - 7:50am ish

    As in the title spotted this morning. Didn't notice a sticker or anything but it looked nice! It was around 7:45/8:00 am ish :)
  14. JCjack

    Alien Green 200 Cup (Kermit)

    So after picking up my Alien Green 200 Cup (5/4/14) I thought I'd start my project thread.. For a while I had been set on getting a Candy White VW Golf Edition 30, I'd been looking everyday for weeks but no luck as the Candy White is quite rare... got a little bored and thought I'd have a quick...
  15. bennettxo

    Alien green clio nantgarw

    Seen it last night and tonight in the cinema car park,looks nice just wondering f it's anyone off here
  16. W

    Alien green 200 around Rhondda

    Seen you a few times lately, private plate, not many of these around, this is the only 1 I know about from this way actually, u on here?
  17. Matthew

    Alien Green 200 in Halifax

    As per the title, seen it a few times in Halifax. Anyone on here?
  18. Stay Puft

    Alien Green 200 Segensworth Roundabout

    Around 6ish i think. Gave me a wave and I was in my own world, sorry! Great colour!
  19. F

    Alien Green 197 m40

    Followed a AG 200 yesterday on the m40 northbound towards Birmingham . Around 4:30pm
  20. Advikaz

    Alien Green 200 Marden Kent.

    Parked in the industrial estate, see it most days.
  21. LukeSi

    61 Reg Alien Green 200 - Festival Park

    Saw an AG 200 on a 61 reg yesterday at Festival Park near Hanley. Didn't realise you could still get AG that late on. Anyone on here?
  22. Davids182

    Alien Green 200 A1

    Saw an alien green 200 driving south on the a1. Had just joined the Alnwick bypass duel carriageway. I was driving the other way in my RB 182.
  23. Dolan

    Female in 200 Cup Alien Green

    You smiled at my at the lights in Warrington a49 near Morrisons yesterday the 15/11/13 around 3.30pm
  24. Stay Puft

    alien green 200 St margs roundabout

    Just saw it, in my mates black fiesta st with the massive intercooler
  25. Tash182

    Alien Green 200. Bewdley 01.09.2013

    Spotted you about 1:30pm. Bewdley.
  26. Stay Puft

    59 Plate Alien green 197/200 - M27 Fareham

    Saw it last night, looked like you were with that Mk2 Fiesta, coming off of m27 onto Fareham market place roundabout. Gorgeous colour! 59 plate I think.
  27. Yeorge

    Alien Green 200 Sainsburys Hedge End

    Anyone on here? I parked up next to it.. Licence ending WHX :D
  28. Stay Puft

    Alien Green 197

    Outside Fareham college around 7pm earlier??
  29. D

    Alien Green 200 Milton Ernest

    Spotted a gorgeously clean 200 in Alien Green going through the Milton Ernest in the opposite direction to me (was in my AB 182) at about 6pm yesterday. Anyone on here?
  30. xThe_Fallenx

    Alien Green Clip CUP at bristol CostCo

    Spotted Alien Green Clio CUP with white wheels and Spoiler.....Looked lush and wanted to know who owner was and if was a member of the forums Helped me decide on colour scheme for when i get my spoiler etc lol ^_^