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All 172 owners with non std exhausts

My exhaust is on its way out. This morning on my way to work i stopped at my local paper shop and left the engine running, got out and thought i heard my exhaust making funny noises. As it was pissing it down with rain and being about -20 i thought fcuk it ill inspect it at work. Well just been out to see it and its got a crack at the join where the pipe fits into the back box. Just want to know what exhaust poeple have put on and how much they cost. I have a quote from local powerflow dealer, £279 inc vat full system any tail. Is powerflow any good ??? Cheers guys/gurlz
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Magnex will cost around £330 fitted (full system) or £175 for the back-box.. Got mine from Demon Tweeks. Have a look at the K-tec racing ones too.

I´m very pleased with my k-tec exhaust. It has become much more quit after 500miles and it´s noise is perfect in my opinion. I have the oval tailpipe.


K-tec exhaust becoming much more quiet??? r u sure? mine certainly isnt, but then again Ive got the 2x3" tailpipes..... still waking the neighbours up, setting car alarms off etc etc......

And I like it that way :devilish:

Lars have you got the full K-Tec system or can you just buy the back boxes. Im more interested in looks and sound than performance gains.

Paul - I take it you have the 6 x 4 oval. When fitting just a back box dont you have to cut the original one off. Did this cause any hassle?

Roamer - what is the quality of the K-Tec system like?

Thanks in advance.


I have got 3.5inch twins, I didnt realise that there was a 6x4 when I brought mine or I might of been tempted. At least on the MKII you have to cut the original one off cant say for the MKI. I also thew away the bolts that came with the exhaust and mounted it using coach bolts. This ment that I could get away with out cutting the bumper.


Magnet - Quality of the K-tec is second to none, and if Dave sets it up itll be lined up dead right and never knock (Unless you drop the car to the floor or summat) Mines the full Cat Back system btw.