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  '04 Clio 1.6
Just jumping in here first before i get posting to say Ow do n all.

Relatively new Clio owner, after having to purchase a new car after my '96 1.2 Corsa unfortunately began falling to bits I fell in love with my 2004 1.6 Clio Dynamique+.

I've got some ideas for it as to give it a general touch up and spruse and hopefully looking towards getting it done for Trax this year but since being a relative Clio noob I thought I'd jump on here after speaking to member Bodge! about it to get some knowledge and tips from you guys. That ol' premium membership sounds tempting too!

Will post up some pictures of my car as it is when Im not on the missus' laptop!

  '04 Clio 1.6
Just a quick show what I'm driving. Nothing special and quite run of the mill but hopefully not after hanging around here for a bit :)