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Alloy help

Wandering if anyone has pictures of a new 172 with OZ Superleggaras on their car? Was at Ripspeed today and noticed they come in silver aswell as the darker titanium colour and realy fancy a set.
If anyone has a set, wot kind of price do they cost?
One other question- r they actualy lighter than the standard alloys??

All help appreciated thanks.
  Lionel Richie

Jamie has got the dark ones on his and ive got them on mine (other clios gallery) (PS dont but from RIP"OFF"SPEED)
  Megane R26

Check out the bigger Halfords stores, they are selling them with Toyo Proxes on as standard, and the prices start at £569 for 15". Or for
SET OF 4 16" SUPERLEGGERA WHEELS + 205-45-16 TYRES | £679


Your wheels look class m8- think i will go for a set-though as my car is silver think i will get silver set.
Does anyone know if these wheels r lighter than the standard wheels and would they affect the performance of my car??

Thanks for your help.

The Super L are lightweight indeed. Think the 17" are 4.9kg without tyre. The standard 15" OZ on my MK1 are 15.7kg with tyre. The wightloss should give you a slight improvement in performance.

ive just fitted em on mine. bout half the weight of the original willy replica wheels. got the dark grey. well nice looking!

get the number for eastleigh rip speed halfords in southampton. and see if u can order them from there as end of this month theyve got 20-25% off everything in store!