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Fitting 6 Point Harnesses in Clio 172/182. Eyelet locations & Bolt sizes. Help appreciated.

Hi Everyone,

Looking for some help in regards to fitting 6 point harnesses. Looking to fit 6 point harnesses to my 172 but was looking for advice as per the below questions.

Current set up - Jon Fox seat subframes, Corbeau club sport seats. with a half cage.

2 X Shoulder straps - Will wrap these around the roll cage.
1 X Outer lap belt, looking to install an eyelet into the existing lower seat belt rail bolt hole. Anyone know what size this bolt is so i can find an eyelet to fit?
1 X Inner lap belt - Was thinking of replacing the rear subframe bolt with an eyelet? Attach that lap belt to that? Good idea? Bad Idea?
2 X For the crotch belts, do i need to drill and bolt two separate eyelets under the seat? Or can i attach both these onto one eyelet?

If anyone has any links to parts i need that would help, anyone who's done similar please feel free to share pictures of how you set yours up.

Pictures below for reference




ClioSport Club Member
Outer lap belt you can get an eyelet bolt that replaces one of the bolts in the bottom foot of the cage.


Inner lap belt I use a couple of these -


And then you can also get some eyelets for the crotch that go through the floor under the seat and some spreader plates that go on the underside of the car, will try and find you a link...


ClioSport Club Member
To do the lap belts right, and I may be corrected here, you should drill in two eyelets behind the seat with spreader plates no wider than the seat or just slightly wider than your hips.