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Alloys and lowering

Right its time to get some alloys and lower my car but i cant decide between option 1 2 or 3, can you lot help please.

1> 15" alloys lowered 55mm

2> 16" alloys with 30mm drop

3> 16" alloys, no drop

Can someone also tell me what work i will need with each option, thanks for any help.

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cant really speak from experience but i would go with option 1. Im in the process of lowering my car, and i currently got 15s. I think im gonna lower it about 30mm but depending what clio u got it would change. Ive got a MKI (2000) and i think about 30-35mm would be best, for looks and performance. Anything more would be a bit dodgy i reckon cause my fronts would rub on arch. But i think 15s with a drop would be better, but it depends whether u want looks or performance more. For looks go for the 16s with drop.


why do you want to lower it ??

It can seriously bugger up the handling if you go too far.

if you are doing it for looks only.. whatevery ya want..

if doing it to improve handling.. then you should speak to Nick Hill.

option 1, when i had my car lowered -60mm with OEM 14s it still look nice, so on 15s it should look smart, check ou JamesGs green RT in the gallery
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1 or 2. One way or the other lowering should be a priority. On a 16v, 55mm might be OTT. on a 1.4 theres plenty more room in there and a 55mm drop would bring it down to the level of a 35mm dropped 16v, which handles like a dream.
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but... Just thought. If you plan to get a bodykit like the Terminator kit then 15s with a 55 drop will be too much. Robs 1.4 was lowered 55mm on 16s and hes low enough.
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yeah, i had a ride in adam munns old valver last night (it will be better known to most as this) and it felt so flat on the corners, definately the way to go if you want to feel secure on the long hard corners by lowering, that has 17s on it too tho


Ive got an RT on 16s w/195/45s and its not lowered. it looks like a bleeedin range rover so Im scraping together cash to get it lowered!

(shouldnt this b in the modifications section?)

Option 2 - but 35mm drop