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  BG V6, LY 182
ok so I want some decent alloys for my Clio.
Ofc I don't have loads to spend.
Then an idea came, how's about getting my standard alloys sprayed black but leaving a silver lip around the outside?!? Any one got pics if been done before?

Oh the cars black too.
have got a silver pinstripe on my team dynamics pro race 2's, on offer at the moment very cheap from rimstock:

will have better pics tomorrow when its clean lol!
  BG V6, LY 182
when i say standard. i rly mean standard...

but im thinking if there black they would look alot nicer. Even cheaper than buying new alloys ;)

Any suggestions what clios rly do suit?
  1.2 Clio Dynamique (blue)
(quote) - Lol! Thought you had a side exit exhaust at first glance!

lmao +1

i havesame alloys on my clio dynamique.. i dont particulary like them.. iv thought the same idea as you but like Beef-MC said the 172 alloys look really quite good when done in black.. plus they're bigger ;)