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Alpine steering remote

Hi all, I have just received my new Alpine 9853 unit and am very eager to get it fitted, but want to fit steering adapter before I do. I have a 2003 dynamique, I know Alpine make adapters for the remote, but I dont want to take the dash off to fit it. I have heard that the Incartec ones from just fit in when you fit the head unit. Is this true? Im not too bothered about the display, as the HU will show all info anyway. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  Megane R26

I think for >2001 clios the yellow plug is behind the display unlike the <2000 where it is behind the HU (Yellow plug = remote control/diplay console connecting wire)

So theres no way of using the steering remote with an Alpine unit unless I remove the dash? How easy is this to do, do I remove the whole thing or just the middle/top part?
  Megane R26

From what Ive read on the forums, since I have a Mk1. Top dash off quite easily, something like 8-10 hex screws.

I used the InCarTech one with my Alpine HU, as said above with the original HU in the MK1s, the control/display leads goes into the back of the HU, but MK2s it connects to the display. This may not be a yellow block connector but a long red connector.

As far as full dash removal goes, I dont know, looks like the middle part comes off but I think the whole top has to come off.