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Alternative splitters for non sports?

  Meg R26 + Mk4 GTTDI
Not a fan of either megane or cupra splitters so has anyone got any ideas or pics of others? If not i'll just stick with my standard one...

Thanks, Steven

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster

Laguna splitter :D

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Elise, Duster
Sorry adam but, it seems you only acquired taste after buying the mini.

That splitter is gash :rasp:


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
lmao that was my first car when i was 17 :eek:
i lost the splitter when i went through a deep puddle not long after that so had a mardy and bought the mini :cool: