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Alternator Identification

Ed Hodson

ClioSport Club Member
Hi Everyone,

I bought an alternator for my 182 from someone here on the forum about 18 months ago, took the car to my local garage (Wests Exning) for them to fit it as I was busy at the time, but they called me to say that they were unsure about fitting it as in their opinion, it was two different alternators put together.

As I wanted the car sorted, I ordered a new genuine alternator to allow them to get on with the job.

Below are pictures of the second hand alternator that I had bought. I’ve tested it using a multimeter and it seems in perfect health. I was told that it had been fitted for less than 500 miles. Looking at the castings, I can see that one is a bit of a different colour to the other, but overall, nothing looks to be an issue to me. If I had been working on the car, I know that I would have just fitted it without concern.

I’d just like a second opinion to confirm that it appears all good.