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Am I addicted

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I have only been active on this forum since late last year but find it more addictive than any other forum I have joined.

Do I need to get out more?

I really do enjoy trying to help and talking to other members.

Am I sad?

Who else feels compelled to re-visit this forum everyday, and if so, why?

Your comments please.



Im on here EVERYTIME Im at a computer.. I read it, I do something which takes 1 min, I refresh.

Im refreshing like every 5 mins, usually more.. all day, every day..

heh. If I worked it out, Im probably touching 6 - 8 hours a day.


Um, i am a permanent adition and if my name is not on the active list itsusually an emergency like my hair is on fire or something.

It is stangely addicitive.........jsut so much goin a alcohol free pub....which would suck.

I REALLY need to get out....

In fact, im off to teh super mkt to get milk


Well im on dial-up so im paying for every second but i darent get broadband as i would be aswell selling the car. I would never go out again. Then again it would be a lot cheaper!

3320 Scoobynet posts (mainly muppet forum)

1000 RSownersclub posts

995 posts

220 odd cliosport posts and rising!

heh, Im on dialup too.. but it stays connected 24/7 so its not a problem.

I crawl out of bed, open a web browser and its there! Just takes a while to load sometimes cus of pics and stuff.. but it doesnt put me off!


Im on freeserve and nights like tonight I get cut off at any point then cant get on for an hour or so - drives me mad.

I just stay connected and it auto redials if I get cut off.. usually hear it sometimes in the night.. but it can stay connected for about 6 days at a time.

Dont pay per minute though.



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You are not alone! I look in every day, either at work or if I am at home watching the TV. My computer is in a spare room with a TV, my running machine, stepper, exercise bike and rowing machine - needless to say none of those have been used since I was told about this website!

Sometimes if I am at friends houses I have been known to log on, or if we have friends in I often pretend that I have some typing to do for someone, and I get on here for a while, till I get asked how long will I be? My ironing is piing up right now too! My Basset Hounds are pleased as they dont get as many walks as they used to!

Keeps me out of mischief and I feel that I know everyone, even though I dont.

My husband thinks that we are all sad cases!
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Im always up at night lol. Im the founder of the cliosport and the late night crew lol