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amazing fact

  mk2 172

after reading a comparison between the new enzo and macca f1 earlier some journo was going on about how superior the mclaren engine is and how flexible it is, well try this stat

0-100 in 11 third gear, also take into account how tall the gears are, 61mph in 1st

wow thats some performance
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah, I read somewhere that when you floor it in top gear at 130 mph in an F1 its like flooring it in first in a Mondano......tasty acceleration!

during the first year of manufacture, Its 150-170mph time was faster than the maclaren formula 1 car of that year.

Now thats impressive...

I can remember watching a video of Tiff Needell driving one and he could not count fast enough because the car was accelerating too fast ! 0-60 in some 3.2secs, faster than a lot of bikes ! Seeing him break the world endurance speed record on that oval track was awesome too, he was soooo close to the railings ALL the time for ages and he AVERAGED 200+ mph ! Kraaaaaaaaaaazy !

The funniest thing was when he was driving the Jaguar XJ220S (stripped out version of the XJ220) and he floored it doing 100mph and spun the wheels ! Makes me smile every time !

I remember on one of Clarksons videos he was burning round in a Ferreri, think it was a 355, or maybe he was in a 911, anyhow it was damn fast, he pulls up gets out, and says "And now Im going to show you the difference between a really really fast car........and the McLaren F1" gets in the F1, some other guy gets in the Ferreri/911, they both take off and the F1 absolutly anhilates the other.

Cheers, Simon