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Americans dont like bends

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I know they get flak for having poor handling cars but when you see videos like this you cant help but feel perhaps theres a little truth in it?

The guy has some equally nice videos on his channel however....

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What absolute f**king tools!!!!

Haha at "stay in your lane dickhead"

Some of the cars in that second video - JUST WOW
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FLOL! You just know those guys are the ones on forums talking about how great they are, and how their cars or setup for drifting/handling and yet, when it comes to the crunch, they can't drive for toffee! How lucky was that 300zx!

Pretty dangerous stuff; those motorcyclists were sort of watching, yet also riding the other way with these clowns coming at them! Crazy.


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If you gave CS free roam of that corner half the cars would be in the barrier due to oil from car in front.


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Some of the best handling cars money can buy and they still can't go round corners.

Ironic seeing as their favorite motorsport is NASCAR, which is essentially one giant corner. :S
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Most of the cars there are by CS standards the best driving cars in the world,its mainly poor driving that lets these people down.
  BG182ff,explod Focus
Is that Jay Leno driving an old Bentley in the second vid at 1:00?
Also, 2 Riley Elfs together must be a rare site stateside


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Been watching those videos from the Mulholland for a while now, the bikes aren't much better.

Still 100% driver errors for all those accidents. Doesn't matter if you're in a Dodge Ram :)eek:) or a Porsche 911, there's a speed your car can go round the corner at.

Jay Leno drives that way a lot apparently.