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amplifier question

What happens when the ignition is turned, therefore battery is on with power cable connected. When the power cable (conected to battery) and the earth cable (against steel and connected to amp) touch each other? i am aware of the sparks but any internal damage to the amplifier?

  Polo + Micra

i doubt you would do any damage to the amp (apart from surface damage) by touching cables together.

but you have probably blown the fuse by the battery

Power light on the amp isnt coming on despite power and earth being connected. Fuse looks ok to me what should i expect to see if the fuse has blown? no chance that the amplifiers fuse may have blown?

  Polo + Micra

did you touch the remote down to earth? cos these will blow very easily

simple way to check is to put a small link between the positive and the remote terminals

[Edited by Dink on 2/20/2005 8:58:27 PM]

so you have checked the fuse on the amp and in line with the power cable? also the ignition does not need to be on for the battery to be on.

to test the remote wire, get a volt meter, connect it to the end of the remote wire and the metal work, or you earth point.