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an evenings fun...

Have just played traffic lights grand prix with an RSi, all credit to the lad, his car put up a good fight, but I had to give it 6500 in 2nd and had to stop at 60mph cos it was gettin a bit daft, but he pulled alongside at some lights and we exchanged quick greetings and he said, "didnt really have a chance did I? mines only a 1.8". This was coming off the M60 into oldham, much fun. Had my best mate in the car with me too, were both giggling like kids. Much fun, thought he had a 1.4 as we started off the line so got a bit of a fright as he wasnt the expected distance behind me.

Also had some fun on the M-way earlier with a guy doing 95mph in a 1.2 eXtreme, would let him edge close to overtaking, then blast away, did this twice, and overtook him a couple of times, Ill be honest it was showing off, and it was hardly fair but he was doing 95 in a 1.2, thats asking for it in my book!

Was all good friendly fun as he gave me a cheeky middle finger and a grin, hehe, someone take this car off me before I marry her!

lol, true that!

I build up some revs first, let it off easy and as soon as you feel it move forward a little I let the clutch go, sort of a mini rolling start. If you let the power out all in one go you will smoke your tyres. Im talking about centimeters worth of a rolling start here, not even really noticeable, except for the lack of smoke.

Well, thats my way of doing it, Im sure there are countless better ways, but I have had to develop that technique in a day or two, didnt have to do that in the old 1.2!
  williams and trophy

dave mate where u from???????

will have to have a meet up sometime so then u will know how humbling it is to have a SUPERIOR clio lining up next to you hahahahahahahaha

only jokin mate lol

im not far off roch/oldham meself and will be good to put the willy up against a cup