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Annoying rattle

When I hit about 75/80mph in my Clio, an annoying rattle starts up from within the dashboard. Ive tried to find the source of the rattle myself but with no luck.
I was just wondering if people think its worth taking my car down to the garage to get it fixed under warranty?
Has anyone else had rattles/squeaks fixed successfully?
What I dont want to happen is for the monkeys down at the Renault garage to use it as an excuse to have a blast in my car, and it still to rattle when I get it back.

Ive got the same problem in mine (its also Flame Red...coincidence?!!;))

Ive also got a constant creaking/rattling very annoying noise atrting over on the passenger side somewhere, I think a trip to the dealers is needed!

If only someone would invent a rattle detector for cars (hmmm...I could be a millionaire!:devilish:)


Yeah Ive got four different rattles from my dashboard, one from behind the instruments, one where the whole thing seems to vibrate at certain speeds, one where the top left of the dashboard appears to be rubbing against the trim of the pillar on the windscreen on the passenger side and one from behind/under the glove box where there are loads of wires nicely held together with what appears to be black tape! So mine ( also flame red ) will be going back to the dealer shortly.

Much as I love the car these rattles are beginning to annoy me.

My rattle seems to come from behind the stereo somewhere. Its kind of hard to single it out when your trying to concentrate on driving at 80mph.

Yeah mine has rattle over passenger side area of dashboard at around 80 mph. Going in to dealer shortly. (my cars also in flame red).
  320d M Sport

Mine rattles behind the dash instruments, always hasm doesnt go even if u whack it???

And no blag...mines Flame Red as well...!!!!!


Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez !

MINE IS.. wait for it..... flame red... too !!!!!!!!!

Xfiles or what dood..................:oops:

and mine DONT have any rattles that I bother about..

cos.. a

its a renault.........

and b

the stereo - hifi - ice - or whatever the buzzword is works great with either Terry Wogan of Beautiful South....

Cs... hee hee
  BMW 320d Sport

My advice is if you dont like rattles, dont buy a Renault. The rattles are actually designed in at the very earliest stages of each Renault concept car. Various methods of achieving rattles, squeaks and clunks are used, mainly being the use of the cheapest plastic you can get and not tightening up any of the screws properly.

In all seriousness though, if it really bothers you, take the dash off and see whats there. Ive got so many rattles I just put up with it now.

Mine have a rattle coming from the back seat -so I think because it is difficult to spot it.

Also have a "clink-clink" noise from the steering wheel column.

Ah! My Clio is blue!!!!

It looks like Flame Red Clios have a rattle from the front and Blue ones from the back...

Hmm...perhaps Renault know something we dont...

Where do Silver ones rattle from?...


I got the "clink clink" noise from steering column too! but only on bad uneven surface roads.

Mine had so much rattles and sqeaks from the dash, I ask Renault to change the dashboard, never rattle from the dash ever since.

but a bunch of rattles coming up from other places. now I just couldnt be bother fixing it.

Our Clio Sport has an annoying squeek on the drivers side column/door fame/seat belt adjuster area. It only happens on rough roads but its right next to the drivers ear!

Apart from this the car has been flawless.

Having owned 2 silver Clios, I know for a fact that Renault take all the rattles, squeaks, clunks and anything else they can find from every other colour and put them into the silver ones. I guess I should feel honoured ;)

Sod it, Im just gonna always drive slow enough for the rattling not to begin.
This could mean doing 10mph on the motorway though, so look out for me in the slow lane. :D

I have both the rattles mentioned too.

Its at 4000rpm - sounds like its the dash. And the one on the passenger seat too when there is no one in it - something loose

Interestingly enough, in Evos long term report they mentioned the same thing re the 4000rpm rattle. Aparently it is to do with the exhaust - will check exactly what it says later and let you know