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another blast with williams

  mk2 172

rhys has been round today so i could chip his williams, had a bit of a race before we did some 0-100 vids, off a roundabout with him following(before we chipped) and he started narrowing the gap at 100 plus, we went to bout 115-120. then went out filming some 0-100s. was a good laff. teady 172 is recieving the play vid as we speak. then my bloody clutch went. time will tell if hes happy with the chip although its not compatib;e with his abs!(my ecu that is, not just the chip)
  320d M Sport

nice one lads, my mates just bought a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo so ill be doing the same thing this week!

Paddy - have a look at those DV2 things on e-bay. Not full blown digital camcorders, but good enough for this sort of thing and much cheaper. (Just type DV2 into the ebay search thing).