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another cambelt thread

  BG 182
I searched the site guys but cant really find an answer to my question.

So it says in the service history for my 182 under the section Accessories belt and pulleys that it was done at 68000 miles (now on 78000) but after the mileage is written TY BELT. BTW nothing stamped in the Timing belts and pulleys section.

So I am confused as to what has or hasnt been done any help would be appreciated.

I never asked the previous owner as I didnt realise it was such a big deal :clown:
  225 Cup & Williams
Love the username mate haha! As said above better to get both belt kits changed to be on the safe side.
  BG 182
wee update on this phoned the arnold clark garage that had stamped the service book and they confirmed they had replaced the timing belt and done various other work on the car happy days
  Clio 172 Ph2
Was gonna say if its main dealer or decent garage phone and ask and save £300+ in the process......We got records on computer back to the mid 90's!!!