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Another FAO Nick Read!

Hiya mate!

OK - this has been a major decision!

I had the MOT done on me old motor today and the bill was £350 (about £320 more than I was expecting!). So Im thinking...

a) Its about time I got some use out of this darn car Ive spent £3000 on in the last 6 months
b) I might as well since Im probably not going to get the chance again (girlfriend is in Asia at the mo - she hates cars!)
c) I think I should set an example to the club - Im coming from Edinburgh for this!!!!

..And therefore I might as well come to Southend for the meet.

So, as Im not exactly local to the area, can you supply someones mobile number so that I can get exact details once Im in the area?

Ill check this board at about 10am latest (before I leave) - and if youre still in bed then, then text me a number on 07789 716617 please!

Ill be arriving in town at about 6pm to be on the safe side.



  Shiny red R32

Ben do you realise that Southend is hundreds of miles from Southend??


your not serious are you
oh my god how about that for setting an example

good on ya mate

gr you should follow suit

  BMW 320d Sport

hehe nice one Ben, that is dedication for you! Lets hope it doesnt rain mate...

Ill text you tonight then youll know my number. Call whenever you want, Im out all day from 7am - gotta head up to Hill Power for 10, then down to the rolling road day in Cheltenham, then back to Southend, get some tea, then off out for the meet.

Well Im leaving at about 9-10 am if GR is interested!

Got to be said that it isnt much worse of a drive than what Nick is doing.

If Im correct thats going to Derbyshire (Hill Power) then to the West (RR). Thats hardly less driving than my journey!

I just thought "oh bugger it, why not?" - even coming from home in Wales it would have taken me nearly as long as it will today. Its something I just want to do becuase like Ive siad before, you can never get this amount of Clios together elsewhere.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well yeah if you put it that way I have been doing quite a lot of miles lately. Yesterday did an 8 hour drive up from Cornwall back home to Southend, then this morning off to Hill Power (which is a Derbyshire postal address, but really I reckon its Leicestershire). By the time Id finished at HP the rolling road day was coming to an end but then I drove down to the M25 services to meet the boys coming over from Cheltenham, then off to Southend, then turned off to show them where Jas lived. Then home for an hour and a cup of tea. Then out again for the meet. And now Im home again!

I think Ill be having a lie in tomorrow!