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another problem with my car....

  E87 118i

just a few weeks aftre having to replace a 3rd ignition coil, repairing 2 chips to the windscreen, then having another stone hit it, so its being replaced on Monday, then noticing yesterday that my tires need to be replaced, my bloody window mech brakes, this time the passanger (the drivers one went a while back and replaced under warrantee) So I had to make my 1 hour trip home with the window half open in the rain....

this is really starting to get to me.......:(
  E87 118i

bugger me, the part arrived and they want R2600 to supply and fit a window mechanism..........abosolute theives. even with a direct exchange thats about GBP 236 - !!

Been shopping for new tires and a new set will only cost between R1600 - can thy charge so much? I am fuming!