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Another question about brakes..

How quickly have other 172 owners got through a rear set of brake discs and pads? My car has done 18k miles and the rear discs are badly warped and grooved and the pads are worn right down to about 2-3mm. Strange thing is that the front pads are fine though I suppose its possible that the previous owner had these changed before. Just makes me paranoid that my brake balace may be out.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


When I have taken the back wheels off to clean I noticed (On a brand new 172) that the back pads are about half as thick as the front ones, I suppose due to the fact the breaking is done mainly on the front !

Quite a few people report renault changing the pads on the 12000 miles service but I am going to check mine before they go in and change if needed.



That is interesting. Maybe I will phone up the garage that serviced my car and ask why the pads were not changed on the 1st service because there is no way that mine will last till 24k. The place that serviced my car have basically put my life in danger because if I hadnt gone to the trouble of checking them myself then before long I would have been driving round with no rear brakes. Can you imagine if I needed to stop suddenly! I would say that anyone coming up to the 12k service should make sure that they are changed.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I dont think they have to be changed at 12k only if they are worn badly.

Maybe that had been changed and have worn down quickly (softer pads maybe).

I wonder if you can tell if they are the originals pads by looking at them or not.