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Another Temp sensor question for a MK2 172.


ClioSport Club Member
I posted last week about how the temp sensor gauge seems to drop every now and again
:S after the cars warmed up.

Now i have noticed it sits in the middle when the revs are 3,500 or above, but if the revs drop below that the temp sensor drops to the next bar down. The car is running fine, and i have had no problems with power or it going into limp mode.

Is it just a case of the a faulty temp sensor, or is it more serious then that?


  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
Get the thermostat checked. Might be an Idea to check the coolant level when cold.
  RB 182
Mine has been doing that for over a month now. Only just been able to book my car into the Renault garage! Some days mine is ok, others it will randomly flicker unless i give it some good revs...

The engineer seemed to find it unique that it is a temp wire or sensor problem... he even said he would drive the car before hand to see the problem before booking it into the garage... I just said no, i want it booked in. Have no time to faf over an engineer to look at the car when the sensor can be working one day and not another. They are all a bunch of muppets! lol


ClioSport Club Member
Well mines going to Mike@Rentech for it's mot in december, so hopefully it won't get any worse before then. I do find it strange that it rises and falls depending on revs though.