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Another Tyre Rubbing thread, On my Strut though!!

  Clio 172
Hi Guys,

I have a 172 FF, running stock 15x7 et48.5 Wheels.
The car is all Stock, with extra Castor Control arms.
All new shocks, top mounts etc. Well less than 12 months old.

I just put 205/50R15 Rspecs on and at my first Round Supersprints this year, first time on Rspecs the car was rubbing pretty bad on the front left shock.
The track has mostly Right handers which explain the Front left but not why it is rubbing?
I can see paint missing from the shock so i assume that is what it is rubbing on.
I can see no noticeable damage on the liner.

I assume this is due to the Silly offset these come with stock but i can not believe Renault would release a car that badly designed.

I have to run Stock offset in my class which is Factory released Type 1.

You can hear the rubbing on most of the right handers here in this vid.

Has anyone else had this issue?
Is there something i can do?

Any help much appreciated!!
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  Clio 172
Here is a picture of the rubbing.

Anyone had this before?
Stock wheels, stock suspension just a 205 tyre.
The 195 also rubbed ever so slightly.