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Any damage during track days

I know a lot of you went on a recent track day in France and also at Palmersport and I was wondering if you had any damage to your car afterwards such as stone chips, etc. ? I want to take my car on the track in time but I wanted to know what to expect.

I think youll get more stone chips on the motorway than on a track (unless you decided to go through the gravel)
My big concern is either going off or colliding with another car!

I am not too worried about hitting someone because I have been on a Ferrari track day in Silverstone before, not that it would be the same thing really, but it gives you an understanding about track etiquette. My first track day I would take easy if you like at my own pace, almost as tho you are chasing at a distance, I should imagine that would make it easier for you to get used to being on a track and will allow you to look out for any faster cars who want to give it more than you are giving.

If I went in the gravel I think you may see a grown man cry to be honest !


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I was a bit concerned about this initially, but after doing 8 trackdays now I can tell you that youve no need to worry.

Never had any damage on track and I get more stone chips driving to work!

Seriously, it is a safer place to be than on a public road and unless you are a complete idiot you aint gonna damage your car.

There are rarely any incidents at trackdays and even then it is usually the drivers fault as they did something daft.

The people that run trackdays are very well organised and quite strict with people that @rse around and put others at risk, so you will be fine.

Hope that helps.

Ive done two track days - one with EasyTrack at Brands, and another with Palmersport. Both were very professionally run and my car was fine, other than the obvious tyre wear. Many others on here have driven on track safely without any problems. The key is to drive within your limits and keep your distance from others.

One guy (not from on here) smashed his 172 up at the Palmersport day, but IMHO, he was driving beyond his limits.

That is good advice, makes me feel easier about going on track now. I really want to do a track day and before I bought the 172 it was my aim to do so, must be hell of an adrenaline rush to be able to go as fast as you think you can handle. Sounds like it is very well organised so it makes for some safe but very fun days.

What is the general format of these tracks days at Easytrack or Palmersport ? Is it a set number of laps or is it time limited ? Are you allowed passengers ? Extra cost ?

How many miles do you think you take off your tyres during the day ? Will you need a new set afterwards ? Trying to get a rough cost estimate in my head !
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Daipac honestly mate theres nothing to worry about and youll be hooked. At the Palmersport day the format was open pitlane which means you can go onto the track any time you like for as often as you like. In practice you wont spend the whole time on the track though: 1. Your tyres get too hot and dont work any more; 2. Your brakes get too hot and dont work any more; 3. YOU get too hot and dont work any more. Palmersport was my first trackday and I cant wait to do another. I wouldnt even bother with the insurance next time - its all very well run and everybody behaves well.

The palmersport one was my second...and i agree with everyone..i got 4 big stone chips from motorway/ damage on track.

I was going out in 3 - 5 lap stints, with the last lap done in 5th gear with minimal/no braking at 40 - 60 problems...tyre shoulders are worn and overall lost about 3-4mm tread and my brake disks and pads were pretty far gone before i went, but its still fine and next track day ill stick on the 16" contis and shread them

Gonna get some new front disk and pads from hill power and might get a set of mintex 1155 pads for track days.

I was learning the track all day, each time i was going out pushing a little harder, braking deeper chap (cant remember name, sorry) told me i could go much faster through a section so u can get advice from other people and just have a great blast knowning your license is not in danger.

Bring on the next one!!!!


Cheers Mike ! Sounds like I am going to HAVE to make the next meet, will be great to actually put faces with all these names on the boards. I have got to give it a try and as long as my car is not going to get damaged then that is all I care about !

In a way i was lucky (?) that in France I didnt have that temptation as my car was at Renault so I had no car to put on the track.
  BMW 320d Sport

Well lets see...big stonechips and dinks all over the bonnet and front bumper, shredded and remoulded tyres, cracked sump, burst fuel line, ruptured a nitrous line with the lateral Gs, brake pads worn right down to the metal... cant think of anything else at the moment but its sure to come to me.

Oh yeah, a cut sidewall and huge chunks taken out of my lovely rims where I clipped the rumble strip and spun the car, banging the wheel right up against the wheelarch edge.

All good fun though!

i saw a VTS get T boned at coombe and a specked out supra broadside a wall!!!

last lap of the day too!!!

complete write off. But i have not experienced anything bar tyre wear.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Theres bound to be the odd shunt - but I reckon its a damn sight safer than ragging it on the public highway - see the crash gallery for evidence! As long as you listen to the advice about not staying out for too many laps at a time and cooling the brakes I reckon its perfectly safe. That bloke who mangled his black 172 at Bedford complained of complete brake failure when he came in. 20 minutes later his brakes were fine - hed simply stayed out for too long.

The vts at combe was not the drivers fault an arsehole in a porsche t boned him if you stick to the rules ( no overtaking around baents only overtake on the right ) its fantastic fun and very safe for everybody