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Anybody have a willy exhaust on a 16V

Just been looking and the Willy has a downpipe diff to the 16V one, but the dimentions look the same, the willy one has no 4-1-2-1 split, its straight 4-1Anybody running a willy system on their 16V?
  clio 20v

when i had my willy engine fitted i had the manifold as well

differances i noticed are the manifold to downpipe flanges are in diff places i.e a valver downpipe wont fit a willy manifold an vice versa

the willy cat is longer so my de-cat pipe was too short plus the downpipe flange bolt holes on the valver is at 90 deg to the car, willy is 45 deg


oh balls!

Hmmmm.......SO that means the actual systems are the same, and its the car that i will need to mod.

The willy flange at the end of the cat is 90 deg to the car, so if i get the cat modified itll fit.


Well, simply because my exhaust sucks.

I hate the drone you get from street systems and am looking for the rasp from a racing system. Of the racing systems i ahve found, non have the correct flanges for my car but the willy.

And im just looking into my options.

willy 4-1 is better for top end but valver 4-2-1 is better for mid range torque. So a valver with a willy manifold would be gutting low down while the extra stroke of the Williams helps torque so is okay all round. From the cat back the exhausts are the same I thought. I think Nick from Hill power keeps the valver manifold on two litre conversions.

not the point, i need to find out IF the willy system will fit up to the 16V downpipe flange.

I think the actual systems from the rear of the cat are the same, and the catas are diff.

IF the systems flange orientation is the only diff, then a cut and weld will be fine.

your rite mate i was running a willy system not long back. from cat back they are the same but the cats differ due to flange angles i was running willly cat all i did was cut and reweld flange at different angle,although the inlet side of the cat is larger on the willy than it is on the 16v,so to get over this i just made up a plate from alloy with offset bolt holes it worked fine,as to your question i think the dimensions are different by the way if you want a loud exhaust try k-tec they are f**king loud ask arron. thanks bondy

nope, dont want LOUD! lol.....track days have limits

So, by that reasonning, i can keep my 16V decat and just put the willy system on the back. THen sell on the willy decat etc.

as long as the flange after tha cat is the same, im fine.