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Anyone close to Folkestone, Kent, able to bypass my Airbag lights?


ClioSport Club Member
Hi all,

Since I have owned the car I have had intermittent problems with 'Drivers Front Seat Position Sensor', for it's first MOT, I think the light was having a day 'off', the last MOT i put tape over the light....since then I have since removed the passenger airbag and used resistors to clear this fault, but I am now getting a 'trigger line incoherence' message on my reader also.

I would like to just get the problem resolved once and for all. I have no driver airbag, no passenger airbag, no seat airbags and no anyone able to come to me and plug in a Clip, and just bypass the whole airbag module, or just stop it searching for the above?

I'm happy to pay, I'm not looking for it to be done on the cheap, I just want to get back in the car and drive it......

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help, or offer advice. Unfortunately time is not on my side, and I am miles away from the car overseas working at the moment, so cannot try to fiddle with it, and try this and that.....