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anyone done a trackday in a standard 172


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  Golf R
Im going to do one before i get rid of her, i believe they perform damn well!

I would imagine alot of the boys have done so!
  clio sport 172, 2002
i've dun donington park mate. if you think its good on the road wait till you get on a track. just make sure you have some uprated brakes. my standard ones were cook :)


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  Gentlemans spec 200
Yep, cope just fine with track work as standard, brakes are worth uprating though.
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track days are worth it in any car mate, i used to track my mini's, which my first one was basically std (about 50 bhp, with sticky tires) and my 172 only has decent tyres,exhaust and prolines, so most def worth it


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11 laps of the ring and it was faultless :D i updated to DS2500/Brembos/braided lines/Dot 4 though as i didnt wanna drive all that way and cook the brakes on the first lap ...
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Like previous posters have said, it may be worth getting some decent front pads to avoid brake fade. But you will have just as much, if not more fun with a standard car than you will a modified car.
Me 172 wasnt completely standard but me brakes where, am not doing another one till ave upgraded them, after 10 mins at silverstone a had really bad brake fade :(
  Clio "Hulk"
I went 2 times on track, my RS is stock (only a K-Tec exhaust :cool:)

No problem, even brakes were OK (alternation: 20minutes on the track, 20 minutes on pit lane)

Don't worry and enjoy man !