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Anyone else work for Renault

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I know this is not really the place to be posting this but here goes anyway.

I work for a Renault main dealer.

Does anyone else here, work for a dealer or indeed, RUK?

Just a thought.

  Clio 200 FF

Which dealer do you work for?

is it possible for you to get a price for a cup front splitter please :)



  Shiny red R32


If you dont mind me asking, what is your honest opinion of both Renault as a company, the quality of the cars they make and their standard of workmanship in the worshops? You dont need to say which dealer you work for.

Good I can moan about my lemon of a car.... Why does the 1.2 16v make so much noise? Why does my car keep cuting and stalling??? LOL I think its build of renault is crap but I still want a 172 next :p
  H22A7 Accord Type R

can i also ask one of u renaukt boffins...........howcome my 1.2 16v tappets sound so noisy, and why is my oil sump leaking oil AGAIN? It has already had the sump gasket replaced once!?!?!?!? HELP :( 11000 miles, just about 1yr old?!?!?! Would MAGNATEC oil help wi the noisy tappets??? Sounds like a 1982 ford fiesta...........any info greatly appreciated, Rob

i see an instant stop of

we dont sell the 1.2 so i cant help.

But generally, we dont get any problems apart from leccy ones. Strange, we do have some odd fetish with customers braking steel ECU covers!??
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Watch what you say Bob. Would hate to think anything I say on a forum could be used in evidence blah blah blah.

Id say that I like my Renault including its french build other than the lottery you get at the local dealer. Trouble is any organisation is only as good as its people who work there and how they deal with customers. I went through about 5 persons at my local parts desk until I got someone who could be bothered to help me and not fob me off.

Even trying to order replacement bulbs for dash illumination is a nightmare as they wont tell me which one it is as there are apparently 2 types. I have to buy both as they dont know which it is and they wont accept the wrong type back !!!
  VW Potato


Please restore our faith. If you honestly care one bit for the Clio brand, please, please listen to the complaints we have about reno dealers and the service. Quite frankly, it sucks. If youre the Clio brand manager, i guess you care about what we think of the Clio, right? In my opinion, its OK, no more, no less. I think you are having a laugh selling them new for £15 from dealers, as it is not a £15k car, nor is it supported by dealers who appreciated the value of satisfied customers. Reno has a great deal to learn. I know that none of this is your fault, but if you honestly care one iota for the Clio (and by virtue of your job, you should) then you should listen to us, take on board, and where possible, act on our comments.

Just out of interest, what are Renaults brand values?


Its not quite as easy as that im afriad.

Now, comming from HK where we are an AGENT for Renault, we buy off the factory then sell on. But get some factory support and subsidies, but we even have to pay to use Renault advertising!!! so we dont, cause who want to pay a couple hundred thousand for a TV add that is mediocre and has a small audience on a tiny island!!!

Anyway, what i am saying is i dont know how the UK goes about its stuff, but we have a VERY tight budget to balance. And just like any business, you will inevitably end up upsetting some people along the way. Its impossible to make everybody happy or cars would be close to free and indestructable whilst being everythig you wanted.

I used to think alot watching my fater run the company, why dont you do this why dont you do that....but when i started workin, i quicky learnt that its virtually impossible! you cant give them this and that, you cant advertise as much as you want, to cant lower prices, you just CANT! if you did, we wouldnt be here.

For example, we sell the 1.4 clio at a profit of $170...thats 15 quid to you.....would you like to sell cars at that sort of profit level!?? it doesnt even pay for the paperwork! we just need to shift stock. And yet, greedy, incompetant and generally misled customers still want more!

I generally try working with the customer, help them understand and make the sale more than an interaction in which to obtain a new car, i try to make it an experience, one where you come away with more than a car. But if the person is rude, arrogant and thick, im not so included to help.

And be fair on the car! It was started in 98! not realy new is it.

And Ren has come n in leaps and bounds, from cars such as the 21, 19 and car with the top rating in EURO NCAP.....and with the new magene being the smallest car with the 5 star award. It takes Merc a soddingly huge thing to do the same!

I dont really know where im comming from or goin, there is just too much to say, but what everybody should do is look at things in the bigger picture, not just the customers view. Not just the i want i want i want syndrome that many buyers suffer from. Not that its bad to want the most for your money, but you go get what you pay for.

An in any company.........i want cheap insurance, but we take what we can get. I want my 172 to cost 50 quid fully comp for a yr, and why not? cause they just can survive on that sort of money.......

compramise and understanding go a long way.
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Me i work for Renault UK at one off there own dealerships.

Jeremy Townsend i have seen your name on a lot of stuff and on the forum but thought surely cant be the very same person. Well what a turn up !! Someone who works for the big boys and is in touch with the masses !!

Nice to see that your in touch with your owners and that im sure comments on here must annoy you as much as they do me when people sl*g of Renault. When most dealerships work their nuts off to try and keep both Renault and the customers happy.

Leigh - I am the same person !

Scudetto - I really do take on board everything thats said about Clios (and Renault in general). Ive a company 172 and a Cup that I bought with my own dosh so know and appreciate all the comments made. The quality of the cars is something we are working hard to improve believe me ! I would say that a lot of the issues raised can be dealt with very well by having a good relationship with a Dealer - as Bob will back me up on. Our Dealer network varies in its enthusiasm, knowledge and skills. I have spoken to Geoff about this to come up with a recognised format for your feedback on your Dealer experience so that you can benefit from the good guys. It may require a little journey but I know from my experience that driving to a good Dealer is worth it.

I think that those of you that have met me will understand I do care !


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

Yep, I can back Jeremy up - Ive met him, and he does care.

We will work on a dealer rating system asap, then peoples views can make a difference!
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197


Does this mean that i can give you a buzz to discuss a problem with a certain hotline that is causing me problems ?? Are you the man to speak to about it ?? It is Clio related !!
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Hi Jeremy.

Didnt expect this sort of response to my original post.

I work for dealer code 33001, you know where I am! Not going to publicly announce exactly where for obvious reasons!

I have worked within Renault Franchised dealers for the last 17 years (21 in total) and have seen some major changes. Most have been excellent.

Generally, I can only see that the product HAS improved but with all new technologies there are teething problems. I know 1st hand that these matters are under constant review by Renault UK and SA (France) These issues do take time to resolve. The motor trade in general has and always will have a bad press. All we ever get is criticism and never any praise for when (the majority of times) we get it right.

The customers have paid a great deal of money for thier cars but BMWs they are not and even if they were, I am sure they have thier own problems as do most manufacturers.

Long live the Clio and the rest of the range!!!!!


172man - its the end of the year

Bob - I dont know why you dont say where youre from. Does Gary not want some more work ? !

Leigh - drop me an email if youve a problem with a certain hotline....


  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by BobRTE on 17 February 2003

Hi Jeremy.
Didnt expect this sort of response to my original post.

I work for dealer code 33001, you know where I am! Not going to publicly announce exactly where for obvious reasons!


Quote: Originally posted by Jeremy Townsend on 18 February 2003

Bob - I dont know why you dont say where youre from. Does Gary not want some more work ? !

Leigh - drop me an email if youve a problem with a certain hotline....

As Jeremy says - why the secrecy over where you work then Bob?
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

Hi all.

For all those who wonder where I work, its

Driveline Ashford.

1 Hilton Road



TN23 1EW

01233 658585

I only visit this forum during the evenings after I have finished my days work, as I am not allowed to surf the net at work even if I had the time!!! I am more than happy to help out anyone on this forum with any issues regarding the product or technical issues.

I have more time in the evenings to help than I do at work. The main reason for the cloak and daggar approach! Please dont all call at once!!!! LOL

Driveline (Ashford or Canterbury) will be more than happy to offer you a professional service for all your motoring needs. Sales/service/parts.

More info from the company website.


  Clio 197


I wonder if maybe you can help me out here. I am looking for a parts list or catalogues of the Renault Sport parts for either my Willy or the Cup/Ragnotti.

I have tried various email addresses at Renault to no avail thus far. My local dealer here doesnt want to know about any performance parts at all.

Im due a cambelt change and want to replace the mounts, ecu etc. whilst the engine is out. Maybe even spring for a rebuilt gearbox but would like to see what the upgrades to motorsport bits would cost.

Then I can decide whether or not to get a new Ragnotti or upgrade the Willy.

The ring opens on 9 March and I want to be ready...


Try R Sport in Wimbledon, London - 0208 540 7366. They are a Renault service outlet and also deal with the Clio Cup race cars and whilst theres no list available, their knowledge on Clio is unbeaten. I guess as you refer to a Ragnotti though, youre not in the UK ?


We have just been given the Cup in HK for sale at about HK$140,000.

Anyway, our lightweight version comes with aircon and all the stereo kit. Was this ever an option for you guys?

just find it odd........