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anyone got a 1.4 dynamique

  silver valver/hybrid

as the title says, my girlfriend, in the next couple of months is looking at changing her car, which is currently a 1.4 zetec fiesta. she likes the clio but is still unsure. she has whittled it down to the corsa, clio, new astra, or the saxo vtr, but i dont think she could get insured on the saxo as she already has 2 claims. any one driven any of the other cars in the list, how do they compare to the clio? personally i would like her to have the clio, but its up to her, but maybe some of your comments could sway her a little!

the dynamique is a great little car i owned a 1.2 16v for 12months got free insurance and AA cover etc... never had any problems with it they are alot better to dive than the corsa IMO! better spec and alot more room inside! the astra looses too much value from new and would be an OK buy if second hand!

saxos ..... No comment

Happy hunting!
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

yeah drove a corsa .... what a piece of poo!!!!. Saxos to many on the dam roads and as for the astra ummm not my cup of tea. The clio IMO is the best bet. looks better, good like engine 98bhp and comes fully loaded.