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anyone got a pic of 182 titanium

  RB 182

Quote: Originally posted by 182_blue on 26 February 2005

^^^jonathon555 that doesnt have cup packs
Yeah, no cup packs youll just have to use your imagination for that one.

i think racing blue dont look too tastey in photos but ive only seen one from about 20 metres when driving past the renault smack dealer. Id like to see what its like up close though some day. My favourite is arctic blue though because its the closest colour to the cup. Also inferno is cool.

White Silver

ClioSport Club Member
  Mini JCW and FRS

The racing blue is lovely - it REALLY stands out in traffic as well.

My favourites still inferno though...

I think id end up going for Arctic blue as it doesnt offend anyone but racing blue and inferno are the colours id take to stand out with. When i get my 182 though itll be take what i can because itll be AGES away. i might just get the new RS/Clio instead if it looks any good
  Octavia VRS

silver and arctic blue would be my choices i reckon.

Have to wait til the new renaultsport clio comes out b4 i can afford a new one :(