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Anyone got the 172 mk1 tv ad

Hi peeps has anyone got the clio172 tv ad in windows media player file
or any other file i would love to get it to see the silver mk1 with the lovely
french lady smashing the house up and then getting into the car

wicked tv clip please let us now if i have to download it from a web site

cheers SHORTY


Ive also been looking for this one and also the recent MK2 version starring Theiery Henri !

Please let me know if you have it - cheers

  320d M Sport

I.m still after the VTSvs172 clip from Top Gear, Ive tried EVERYTHING!!!!! still no joy......:(

  320d M Sport

Cheers Simon, Ive got the one with the Red Cupra R vs Mk2 172 (VBH driving), but I REALLY need the VTSvs172, if anyone can help please email">

  BMW 335i M-Sport

ive got both mk1 clio ads ...the house being trashed and the 2 litres into one clio it gos ad on vhs video
  Megane R26


are you the person i replied to in october about the top gear clip, if you are then the clip is sitting next to my computer burnt onto a disc waiting for you to send me your address. You were going to send it when i returned from holiday.