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Anyone had a k-tec engine conversion here?

Im condidering going to k-tec to have the 1*2 engine transplant. But im not sure if its actually worth doing or whether i would be better off just selling up for a sport.

Has anyone on here done the conversion? and if so do you regret it at all?
How long does it take them to do aswell?


I dunno. I like the thought of having a fucked up old mk2 ph1 with some dirty wide wheels and 172 engine and running gear.
  clio 1.2
thats what im asking!!

i got a mk 1 mint 1.2 in need of more power . . come on a stripped out mk1 roll cage big brakes big engine street sleeper . . ive had maseratis, bmws clio will, ren 5 turbo . .best feeling is racing someone in what looks like a standard clio and wooping them is best feeling. i joined today and looking for a engine conversion specialist as im no mechanic. i had a rtoc race day and bruntinthorpe years ago with my 5 turbo running 160bhp at wheels with 10k spent and c a standard looking clio mk2 go by me like a bike, thats what its about .
  Black 197
Matteh on here stuck a 172 lump in his valver and it shifts tbqfh

Be different and do it if you have the funds
  clio 1.2

be different i got a clio mk1 1.2 for 150 quid so a 5 turbo engine is prob best option, stripped out one seat etc . . yeah clio sport fine if you want comfort and speed, depends what you after. plus i found in past insurance on specialised cars is cheaper. does anyone know a company who does these conversions??? :D
  clio 1.2
i suppose but depends what you after kerb weight of a clio sport with air con power steering etc half leather seats gone weigh alot more than a mk 1 with one seat and no internal carpets door cards etc. . thats what i wana do maybe not what the first thread does
  Black 197
rossy what you think of clio williams??? ever had one?

Williams imo is a fantastic motor and imo would put a lot of 1*2's to shame as they are.. Infact a modified 5 turbo would demolish a RS on the straights

I've had a 182 and a 197 and tbh the RS range is so over rated its untrue

I say be different and do what you want.. Its so easy to guy buy a RS but where's the fun in that ??

  clio 1.2
glad you said that seems everyone disagrees though. my five (160bhp) done 14 sec 1/4 mile and my clio williams had 165bhp and had numerous races with rs's and they cant keep up wiliams is cult car in top five front wheel drive for handling. to be fair unless you have williams running gear you stand no chance but my williams was rapid and i mean rapid, ive had a maserati 3.2 v8 twin turbo (auto) but off the line to 80mph the williams was untouchable. five was on par but t2 hybrid ran out steem when clio went on to 145mph. . .ive had over 30 cars and 4 bikes i need something to get me going . .i think an clio stripped (approx weight 700kg or less) with big brakes, coilovers and 5 turbo engine around 200bhp would be a hell of alot of fun . . :cool:;)
  Black 197
I love 5's

I'd love to buy one as a project and turn it into a monster but i just dont have the funds..

I like everyone on here and you'll get cracking advice if you pay the £10 but everyone will say its not worth the hassle but i'm sure if you do decide to do the conversion and create a project everyone will be loving it

I defo think that if you have the funds and the time then go for it.. You could always get K-Tec to drop a 172 turbo lump in to add to the twist ;)
  clio 1.2
fives are wicked but troublesome, on rtoc the quickest five runs 11 sec 1/4 mile thats unbelivable (thats 900cc super bike times), whats the 10 quid for i joined tonight didnt get option to pay anything. . where you from? i dont wana come across unapreciatieve to clio sport i love them but i got funds to make something special might take bit of time but i think it would be good, hope it be gratefully accepted, what you think a 172 conversion would cost then ???.;)
  Black 197
If you go to your control panel you'll see memberships i believe, In there will be the option to join and then you'll unlock the whole forum so to speak

there's plenty of guides on how to and there are good discounts from major brands and companies not least K-Tec ;)

You'll get a goodie pack containing merchandise which is worth more than a tenner imo lol

I'm from Kent mate near Biggin Hill

A 172 conversion isn't going to be cheep but if you source the engine, driveshafts wishbones etc then it'll be a lot easier.. Are you handy with a spanner or is it something you will be palming off to a tuning company to do while you wait lol ?
  clio 1.2
i know a ren 5 , but not a mechanic so yea prob get company to do , trying to find old contacts from when i had my five. i can do basic stuff intercoolers, brakes etc , i used to see a girl up that way lived by there and westerham on steep hill cant rem name of it though.
  Black 197
i know a ren 5 , but not a mechanic so yea prob get company to do , trying to find old contacts from when i had my five. i can do basic stuff intercoolers, brakes etc , i used to see a girl up that way lived by there and westerham on steep hill cant rem name of it though.

Funnily enough i was down that way only a couple of hours ago !

I think it's called Westerham hill tbh but dont quote me on that

Where you from mate ??
  clio 1.2
yeah sure it is got stuck one winter road was iced up cudnt get out! im from peckham but live in sydenham now. . was long time ago though 12 years or more ! nearly thirty now ha ha , i got a transit sport van to u seen them??. .
  Black 197
it's awesome having an under-rated car with a powerful engine. I'd have my RSI over a 182 pretty much every time

This man knows his onions

I work in Camberwell and am not too far so can lend a hand if need be !

What do youthink Danny.. Do the conversion or be a sheep and buy an RS ?
  clio 1.2
camberwell! that use to be my drinking place got loads mates down there . . where you work? are you mechanic then? i got my own decorating company and also work down there plus missus nan lives in camb grove
  Black 197
F4R is the lump thats in all the modern RS's

I work as a controller for the bus garage so nothing too exciting..

I'm not a mechanic by trade but i know a fair amount plus my flat mate is a mechanic so i've learnt untold off him
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If you've got the funds to do it then why not? Most will say get a "1*2 it's pointless" but if doing the conversion doesn't hurt you financially then I'd go for it.

Sleepers are immense when done properly.
  Black 197
oh ok but f4r would cost alot and heavier and less tuning potential???

They are tuneable but cost alot to push out serious power

3k for a low boost turbo and should see about 230 bhp

6k for the high boost turbo and claims to be around 300bhp

3k for a supercharger and you'll see roughly 250 bhp

So theres lots out there you just have to choose and save lol
  clio 1.2
sod that im looking at 2k conversion plus brakes suspension etc i know place fivealive in hither green does it bough last five from them, but not been there in 6 years!. .i have to way it up gona get car stripped get brakes coilovers etc then go for engine i think that best way. .you got my email yeah stay in touch mate