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Anyone have a yozza near heathrow area?

  172 CUP
Ok bassicly i'm bored of my Ktec stealth exhaust and have had my eye on a yozzasport for a long time. Was wondering if anyone near me has a yozzasport exhaust so that I can meet up with them and hear the system properly, and not on a video through youtube, as I don't think video's show the true sound of the exhaust.

Anywhere near heathrow/northwood/watford, that general type of area


  Clio 197 RB
Sold mine last year, I'm not far in Isleworth.
It is an awesome exhaust. Buy one.
Im gonna get one the next time one comes up.


Sorry mate I've just taken mine off as I'm going to sell it in the next couple of days. Im in watford. Its a race stealth cat back...sounded great!