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anyone have this set up

  E87 118i

another display/stalk thread.......

this is for sony HUs to work with steering wheel controls and displays, its the only one available in SA and price is fairly fgood, just would like to know anyones experience with it

Stalk and Display Adapters

These unique Connects 2 adapters allow upgrade of the factory fitted radio unit to a more stylish state of the art aftermarket unit whilst still maintaining the use of the remote display and stalk control.
  Clio 182 FF + cup stuff

I used to have one o fthese in my T plate clio 1.6 16v with a sony minidisc head unit. It worked really well, better than the alpine versions any ways. Not sure how well they work now with the newer clios or newer head units.

I still have the interface now. It fits clios upto 2001, i think as they changed the plug for the display and controll from a long rectangular plug to a small square plug then. Depending on what year clio you have you are welcome to have it to try.
  E87 118i

thanks, but Im south of the equator, glad to hear that it works fine, mines a 2001 1.6, the model says all 2000 and up clios with the "VDO tuner list" factory headunit.

did the steering wheel control work perfect or did you have only one way cd track skipping or any negatives over the factory set up ?
  Clio 182 FF + cup stuff

The controls worked exactly the same with my minidisc unit. The wheel thing on the back of the remote control skipped tracks back and forward and the bottons on the top skipped cds in the multi changer. I think the button on the bottom changed the source.

The only thing is this was on 99 clio. I now have 04 clio with a slightly different remote control (it only has two volume controls on the end, the 99 clio had a mute button inbetween the volume buttons).

This behaves differently with only forward skipping of tracks as you mention above. This is with an alpine headunit with alpine interface so cant say if sony units behave the same way?

It sounds to me like you have a clio with the small square yellow plug so that may effect how the buttons behave.
  E87 118i steering wheel control also has the mute button between volume up amd down buttins.

So should be exactly the same set up as in your 99 clio ? you dont have a pic of the part by any chance ?
  Clio 182 FF + cup stuff

First time posting pics so bear with me if this doesnt work.

I have taken a picture of the interface on my phone ive also found a picture of the back of a clio headunit with the smaller connector on it.][/URL]][/URL]

As you can see the headunit picture shows the two iso blocks then two smaller connectors above them. The display connector fits into the pins with the yellow tab next to them. If you look at the picture of the interface you can see a large brown connector. That is how they used to fit to the headunit ans clearly wont fit into the newer headunits.