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anyone heard of this

bout 2 years ago i saw an article in a mag about the history of dimma they mentioned the dimma clio and said there was 1 made with a cossie lump in it running 4 wheel drive has anyone ever seen this car??

it showed the engine and boy it looked good!!and i imagine it was fast!


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There was one advertised for sale in a car magazine about ten months ago.

think i heard something about this, bit like that gtturbo they fitted with a cossie lump and 4x4 running gear, that was years ago and if i remember rightly it caught fire about two weeks after it was magazine featured.
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I dont believe it even still exists. To my knowledge, no-one actually knows anyone who owns or has ever owned one. No-one ever remembers it being bought by anyone. Strange that out of the thousand keen Clio enthusiasts on here, no-one knows much about it. Odd that such an apparently fast and high profile Clio didnt have a wealth of timing tickets or rolling road slips?:confused:

Either it wasnt that great a drive in the first place or its been stacked, or it been bought by some collector who garaged it and will put it up for sale in a few years for 15k.

It was owned by a guy near me in Tamworth. 10k was the asking price and i think he must have sold it cause i havent seen it for quite some time.