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Anyone know of this phase 1 Clio 172? X927 BGU


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  986'S 172ph1+182FF
A friend of mine has taken a stab in the dark and left a deposit on this, collecting it this weekend, anyone know of this car?

1st owner had it from Sep 2000 until August 2020 😮


Coops Mk1

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  Lots of Scrap...
Looks a good buy unless it's rotten which can't tell from pics, although tbh they're getting worth saving now even with rust issues


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Looks like a good buy that!

Is it rare to have the strap for the phase 1 airbox?


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  172 PH1
I thought I recognised the photos from the facebook advert. How come he sold up so quick? Quick buck or not a Clio fan?


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  986'S 172ph1+182FF
Got a link to the advert?
Same pics as above bits here’s what he’s written in the post. It’s in Facebook market place and some of the Clio pages.

For sale is my 2000 X plate Clio 172 phase 1

103,000 miles
2 previous owners
MOT until 02/09/2021

I’ve just spent a fair amount of money on the car in December 2020 which consists of the following work using genuine Renault parts.

Cambelt kit
Dephaser pulley
Water pump
Auxiliary belt kit
Oil filter
Sump washer
4 spark plugs
Air filter
Pollen filter

The cambelt etc was fitted using the correct genuine locking tools, I have invoice for the parts and labour time.

The car is completely original with no modifications. Even has the original air box with the rubber strap fitted.

The air conditioning works, clicks in and is nice and cold.

Being an early car it benefits from having the aluminium bonnet and shift light.

Overall it’s a nice tidy honest car, please don’t expect it to be brand new as it’s now over 20 years old.

Becoming very sought after and super hard to find in original condition.

£3,000 collection from Melksham, Wiltshire