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anyone recommend the best tablet

to use for photoshop. i wanna start my freehand drawing.
but me need recommendations. saw quite a few from pc world, but they all look to small.
  A red missile
We use these at work, they're about as big as it gets and the absolute b****cks, downside is they cost nearly £700. Wacom do smaller ones but even a decent A4 wide one is £400.

I WANT... too expensive. might have to get the a4
I use a wacom one - Although it was £50. lol.

Certainly much easier to be accurate than with a mouse. It's pressure sensitive and all that shizzle - And you can turn the pen upside down and use the top as an eraser. lol.


Has to be a Wacom. That's what all our artists and animators use. So much nicer in photoshop.
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
Totally agree. Wacom have always been the dogs b****cks when it comes to tablets. Worth every penny.
  A red missile
Im hatching a dirty plan for the one i use at work to 'stop working' then disappear when its been repalced ;)